Deregulation has reshaped the landscape of the energy industry. Far-reaching changes have come about with this restructuring resulting in challenges and opportunities for everyone involved in the electric power industry, whether in generation, power marketing, energy purchasing, or electric service provisions. Knowing the terminology, market participants, legal risks and how the overall system works is vital to taking advantage of new opportunities. McHale Energy has built its reputation as one of the preeminent energy consulting firms through its extensive knowledge of energy markets and its dedication to exceeding client expectations.

McHale Energy is an Energy Solutions Company with over two decades of experience servicing a wide variety of clients involved in virtually every sector of every type of industry. Knowledge is power and clients rely on McHale Energy for insight, solutions, and top-tier execution in energy markets that are experiencing unprecedented change. Energy consulting takes experience, and we bring in the expertise as necessary from our strategic partners. Think of McHale Energy as your outsource Chief Energy Officer, with a primary focus on performance.

Our promise to our clients is good stewardship, not salesmanship.