The Next Level of Retro-Commissioning

Today’s Challenge

Air conditioning and air handling systems typically account for 40% to 60% of buildings electricity costs, and when it comes to retro-commissioning for central cooling equipment, incorporating dynamic variables into the equation in order to optimize your energy savings is a cost-effective solution using proven algorithm technology. Plus, refrigeration is typically 50% or more of the electricity cost for supermarkets and food/beverage distribution centers. The algorithm saves money on both air conditioning and refrigeration.

McHale Energy has teamed up with a company that has developed the Efficient Cooling & Refrigeration (ECORE) platform, a clean tech software program that saves between 15% to 40% of cooling energy costs.

One of our strategic partners delivers algorithm technology that dynamically and continuously optimizes your existing central cooling system and/or refrigeration in order to maximize efficiencies across chillers, settings, pumps, air handling units and cooling towers for optimal load balancing, resulting in significant energy cost savings.

McHale Energy is offering to conduct a no-obligation preliminary assessment of your commercial and/or industrial cooling systems. Please contact us to learn more and to setup a no-obligation preliminary assessment.